7 Must Know Before Buying Protection & Resin Cast Current Transformer from Manufacturers

Over 67% buyers ignore the selection of appropriate specifications before placing an order to CT and PT transformer manufacturers and current transformer manufacturers loose up to paying ₹ 5.7 Lac extra on their investment and running cost.

Electrical market sees new products on every particular day making the use of electricity easier and safer. The approaches to creating these products are no more conventional, rather its state-of-the-art and therefore we see tailored outputs. Current transformer and protection current transformer are two of the imperative products that come to use in every electrical establishment. If CT PT transformer are not included in an electrical configuration, the electricity can go detrimental. So, if you are setting up any electrical control panel at your home, office or other public places, do install resin cast ct transformer and CT current transformer.


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Indoor Current Transformer (CT) & Outdoor Potential Transformer (PT)

We are a leading current transformer suppliers or ct pt manufacturers in India, offer a wide range of low voltage transformers, tape wound & resin cast current transformers ratio ranging from 15 Kv to 170 Kv or 30/5A to 4000/5A.

Safety– You don’t want to see metering personnel or lineman get injured to electric shock, right? Of course you!! potential transformer is transformer-rated services bring safety. But, how does a PT rolls the safety to the expert? CT PT manufacturers in India would like to bring this answer for you. CT PT transformer steps down higher voltage to lower voltage. Any control panel above 240v must be using CT transformer to increase the safety of lineman or metering personnel.
Prevent Catastrophic Meter Failure– Before you how does it happen, won’t you like to what is catastrophic meter failure? A catastrophic failure is complete and, an abrupt breakdown in an electronic system. current transformer manufacturers say if “a CT transformer is installed in an electrical system, these catastrophic failures won’t occur”.
CT Transformer Ratings– With the increasing concern of environmental issues, the electrical products are manufactured with a rating. When you buy a ct current transformer from manufacturers, note the ratio and rating factor on the nameplate.
Minimize Customer Downtime– If a meter gets failure abruptly; this is surely an inconvenience to a customer. The customer would lack the supply of electricity and even the meter may get damaged completely. CT manufacturers in India suggest installation of a protection current transformer at the time of meter installation.
Reliability– This is one of the most important factors while buying CT transformer. One of the current transformer suppliers in India says that it has customers from different parts of India and taking the products since 1998, the inception year. This all happened because they first created reliability among its customers are this is why, today, it’s a trusted name.
CT Current Transformer Quality– Duplicacy is a common part of instrument transformer manufacturing industry. If you are using a duplicate or low-quality product, you would be losing your revenue and maybe your life. So, ensure that you are using products of one of the best current transformer manufacturers in india.
CT Transformer Classes– The class of a CT states about its current capacity. ct current transformer suppliers would like to take to your notice that these days transformer-rated used are class 20 meters. This means that current coils inside the transformer can carry a continuous 20 amps. To understand this further, take an example- You would never like to place 200:5 CT’s in service and this is because you know that it would pull 1000 amps on the primary side. This action would place 25 amps in the meter panel and it will cross the current holding capacity of the meter. This may damage your meter.


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Why Choose Us

We are Sanjay Electrical (SET) and established our set up in 1998. Today, we serve the entire electrical industry with our high-quality current transformers and potential transformers.
Our inception was basic, but after the long establishment of 21 years, we are now authorized dealers, distributors & suppliers in current transformer (CT) & ct pt transformer.
The mission is to keep serving the electrical industry with the same empathy and vision is to stand on customer’s expectations all the time.

Meet the Steve Jobs of Medium Voltage Indoor & Outdoor Current Transformer Manufacturers industry.

Standard Specifications followed by CT Current Transformer Manufacturers:

  • The current transformers shall be made as outdoor type single phase, 50Hz, oil immersed, self-cooled appropriate for operation in different climatic conditions. The current transformers shall be fully functioning in all respects.
  • The core shall be high quality, non-aging, silicon coated steel of low hysterics loss and high permeability. The core material utilized in case of metering core shall be mentioned in the GTP.
  • The core of current transformers to be utilized for metering and instrumentation shall include saturation factor low to a sufficient amount to shun the damage to the instruments in the case of maximum short circuit current.
  • The C.T. core to be utilized for protective relays shall be of précised class specified or apposite class suitable for back up, earth fault and, over current differential.
  • The current transformers shall be hermetically sealed to purge breathing and oxidation and moisture in the tank. Each C.T. shall be given with a pressure-relieving device to discharge abnormal internal pressures.

Standard Specifications followed by Potential Transformer (PT) Suppliers:

  • The voltage transformers shall match in all conditions to the latest issue of IEC and IS 3156 (latest issue).
  • All equipment proffered shall be proper for nonstop suitable operation at the full rated capacity under the given climatic conditions.
  • Since the sub-station may be established near the industrial area or sea-shore, the equipment proffered shall be appropriate for the heavily polluted environment.
  • The voltage transformers shall include oil immersion property as well as self-cooling apposite for the services shown conforming to the contemporary practice of design and manufacture.
  • The core shall be of high quality, non-aging, electrical silicon coated steel of low hysteresis loss and high permeability to make sure high precision at both normal and overvoltage.

Sanjay Electrical (SET) had established since 1998. Today we are serving the entire electrical industry with our high-quality ct current transformer and ct pt transformer. Last 21st years we served the entire electrical industry as an authorized dealer, distributors, and suppliers in electrical panel current transformer (CT) & Potential transformer (PT). For our online customers, we have launched "ewsmarkets.com" website.

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